Melder’s Musings: It’s Election Day

MARLBORO MUSINGS: EVERY Vote counts. october 11, 2016 November 29, 2016 / GBoz. Tick. Tick. Tick. The clock continues to click and the days count down and November 8, Election Day, will be here before you know it. Yep, a mere 32 more days and America will wake up, go to the polls, and, before.

Change UK seems to be around 5% for any Westminster election, which is nowhere, but 8% for the EU election, which still puts them behind Brexit Party, Labour, Cons, Green, and maybe level with UKIP. There is an off-chance that CHUKUP might get one MEP somewhere (out of, I think, 77 UK MEPs), but I doubt it.

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Election Day Special – Oprah’s Vote For The Perfect Roast Chicken With Election Day upon us, I finally had to chance to try this roast chicken recipe from Oprah’s good friend cristina ferrare – sometime television host, author, actress, model, and, apparently, occasional cook for Oprah.

This Day in Iraqi History – Jul 7. 1921 Gertrude Bell noted that Iraqi notables couldn’t wait for election to appoint Feisal King because would . take 2 months and that was too long. Musings On Iraq was started in 2008 to explain the politics, economics, security, culture and history of.

May Day was abolished and its celebration banned by Puritan parliaments during the Interregnum, but reinstated with the restoration of Charles II in 1660. [29] 1 May 1707, was the day the Act of Union came into effect, joining England and Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain .

It was the first sign that Moscow was attempting to meddle in the presidential election. musings of an everyday person. “Russia’s information war might be thought of as the biggest trolling.

As Olivier Knox, Yahoo News’ chief Washington correspondent, described it, Bill’s address was “part grandfatherly musings. into the general election.” In his latest column, Matt Bai argues that,