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KAPCHORWA- Suspected thugs on Sunday morning attacked kapchorwa central police station, killing one police officer, injuring three others before making off with three guns. Akim Kaddu, 30, a police.

Posted by William DeArteaga in Facebook’s Pentecostal Theology Group View the Original Post. The Demonic Origins and Confusion of the Transgender issue. God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Reexamining My Inherited Christianity 0 An evangelical who explored spirituality beyond traditional evangelical boundaries. Satisfy Your Soul: Restoring the Heart of Christian Spirituality

The Appellants were The Episcopal Church a/k/a The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America (TEC) and The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, the diocese that remained affiliated with the TEC (Associated Diocese). This case was an appeal of a circuit court order holding that.

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Tracing the Totsuzen in Tanaka’s Silkworms: An Exploration of the Establishment of Bombyx Mori Mutant Stocks

From Sabbath to Sunday: The Bacchiocchi Agenda Which "Sabbath" Does He Truly Support? From Sabbath to Sunday, Divine Rest for Human Restlessness, The Sabbath in the New Testament, The Sabbath Under Crossfire–these are some of the many books authored by Samuele Bacchiocchi, the purported seventh day adventist scholar, which have received great accolades from many "Church of God" organizations. ministers to the LGBTQI Christian community with the largest gay Welcoming and Affirming Church Directory in the world.

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Many young African women and men are now reexamining these lost roots. They are hungry for accurate information about their Christian ancestors.Thomas C. Oden asks readers to recapture the resonance of a consensual orthodoxy, the harmony of voices celebrating the apostolic testimony to God’s saving work in Jesus Christ, witnessed to in scripture and understood best by African interpreters of the faith.


Businesses are seriously reexamining their leadership styles and finding new and more effective means of attaining their collective mission. Certainly we are at a watershed time in leadership in the church.

The intent of our Affirming Church Directory is to provide an online directory so people can locate and visit welcoming Christian churches around the world. We list congregations that meet on a regular basis in a physical location for worship, prayer, service and fellowship. All churches in this directory have confirmed that their congregation,

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