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Creative Excuses "This one is an emergency," the dental assistant announced. rey nodded and waited for the patient. She only started work yesterday at the Organa Dental Clinic. She had met Dr. Rose, Dr. Finn, and the others and her boss dr. leia, a well known orthodontist. She had her back turned, putting on her gloves when her first patient.

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"What I enjoy most about Chegg Xcuses is that the excuses come in all shapes and sizes," says Andrew Cucumber, an undergraduate student at Pickle University in Kosher, Michigan. "I’m working on my.

Once the fake Natives engage with the actual Natives, inevitably the person doing the wrong thing decides to listen to the.

 · 10 of the funniest excuses for missing work. erika rawes, The Cheat Sheet Published 2:02 p.m. ET Nov. 16, 2014. Over this past year, workers got pretty creative with their excuses.

Excuses. We all need to excuse ourselves occasionally from attending a party. Or abstain from doing something someone wants us to do because we don’t feel like it. Sometimes our excuses are sound enough. It’s just that our friends and family aren’t always reasonable people who understood that sometimes we don’t want to do what we’re told.

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WASHINGTON-Creative people are more likely to cheat than less creative people, possibly because this talent increases their ability to rationalize their actions, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. "Greater creativity helps individuals solve difficult tasks.

This leads them to come up with either some very creative excuses, or some very poor ones. Below some readers share the worst excuses they ever got from someone who wanted to end a relationship with.

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