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warships inducement: arbitrates voice Marginal note: Descriptive cross-references 3 Where, in any provision of this Act, a reference to another provision of this Act or a provision of any other Act is followed by words in parenthesis that are or purport to be descriptive of the subject-matter of the provision referred to, the words in parenthesis form no part of the provision in which they occur but shall be deemed to have been.

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Includes a CD. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. Cope has written extensively about his remarkable composing program EMI (Experiments in Musical Intelligence), which "learns" a musical style — normally that of a specific composer — by analyzing a body of music, and then churns out surprisingly interesting and convincing new music in that style.

drawing inferences from the same (I. C. C. Rep., p. 321): Coming to the year 1900 we find 45% of the stock paying dividends amounting to $139,600,000. These dividends were paid upon stock having a par value of $2,669,000,000, upon which the average rate paid was 5.23% . In 1910, however, the amount of stock

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Association search is to search for certain instances in semantic web and then make inferences from and about the instances we have found. In this paper, we propose the problem of association search and our preliminary solution for it using Bayesian.

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NBER Papers in JEL Code E2: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics – Consumption, Saving, Production, Investment, Labor Markets, and Informal Economy

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The ultrasonometer is used for triggering different chemical reactions via the effect of ultrasound. The stirrer used in this device can be made to stir ( ultrasound) so fast that in no time it can make the steady water – contained around it – churn violently like that during boiling at maximum pace.

No, this economist genuinely meant to say that it is the intensity of labor that measures wealth, and proof of this is that, from one inference to another, one restriction to another, he led France and considered he was doing a good thing in this, to devote twice as much work to acquire the same amount of iron, for example. In England, iron.