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United States Supreme Court Cases. Welcome to FindLaw’s searchable database of U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1760. Supreme Court opinions are browsable by year and U.S. Reports volume number, and are searchable by party name, case title, citation, full text and docket number.

Barrow-Shaver Resources Co. v. Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc. (Opinion) Date: June 28, 2019 docket number: 17-0332 justia opinion summary: In this case arising from an offer to purchase an assignment of a farmout that fell through the Supreme Court affirmed the judgment of the court of appeals concluding that Plaintiff could not prevail on its breach of con.

Opinions of the California Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeal are public record, whether published or unpublished. Opinions of the California Supreme Court establish precedent that must be followed by all California appellate and superior courts.

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News State Bar to Ask Appeals Court to Revive Discipline Case Against Austin Lawyer In appellate briefs, Omar Rosales’ lawyers argued that the State Bar of Texas’ disciplinary action against him.

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Involving a case against the state’s top law enforcement officer, this is nothing short of unseemly. The Texas Criminal Court.

View Homework Help – DQ3.docx from BUSINESS 572 at Baker College, Clinton Township. 1. Court rulings in cases of wrongful discipline or termination of at-will employees have mirrored NLRB arbitration

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About Texas Courts; Supreme Court; Court of Criminal Appeals; 1 st Court of Appeals; 2 nd Court of Appeals; 3 rd Court of Appeals; 4 th Court of Appeals; 5 th Court of Appeals; 6 th Court of Appeals; 7 th Court of Appeals; 8 th Court of Appeals; 9 th Court of Appeals; 10 th Court of Appeals; 11 th Court of Appeals; 12 th Court of Appeals; 13 th.

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Court of Criminal Appeals. The Court of Criminal Appeals is Texas’ highest court for criminal cases. The Court consists of a Presiding Judge and eight Judges. They are elected by the voters of the entire state, and they hold their offices for terms of six years. The Court sits in Austin, near the Capitol. From time to time it may sit in other cities to hear cases.